FuMar's Art-Music Happening at the Cafe and Ale Cafe Carlisle on Sat 15th July 2017

Phil Furneaux

On Saturday 15th July 2017, Krys and Phil put up the gazebos and got ready for their Art-Music Happening with painter Carol McDermott.

None of us had any idea of what would happen. But it HAPPENED and Carol painted three wonderful canvasses and FuMar enjoyed playing a  concert in the evening to an attentive and appreciative audience.

This is what the trio have to say:

Carol: “ I'm naturally introverted so it was difficult for me to be the centre of attention and for people to see my work progressing rather than the finished painting.
But I gained from the interaction with the musicians and ambience of the garden and listening to the sea gulls and even a swallow. I was very moved by the music ( near to tears sometimes)."

Phil: "I was anxious at the start on how we would work with Carol and if we could inspire her but it was evident soon into the event that she was into the music and was working really fast. After the first tune which lasted about 20 min Carol was really excited and emotional about the music which allowed me to relax and enjoy her work. At the finish i was really satisfied with how everyone worked together and loved carols paintings."

Krys: "I wasn't particularly worried before. Carol's affirmative starting arrangement with the 3 canvasses gave confidence. The first minute or two when the canvases started being painted was a catalyst. High energy! The rest became totally natural and self evident. I liked the emerging paintings and loved the colours. Wonderful long moments when Carol's action on this or that canvas opened up a way of playing. We would never have played like we did without the live, real-time interaction of what became a trio." 

Here is the trio after the Music-Art Happening.

Here are Carol's three paintings:


"Earth Song"


"I heard a swallow and thought of home"


"Three Hills"

A film will be published soon of the story.

FuMar's next Art-Music Happenings are:

Saturday October 14th: Florence Mine Arts Centre, Egremont, Cumbria with painter Stephen Warnes

Saturday November 11th: Gregson Arts Centre, Lancaster with painters Alison Critchlow and Charlotte Gurran

On October 12th FuMar are planning a joint composition of art and music with Carol in a wonderful remote location on the edge of the Pennines. Very exciting!

A Poem!

One of our audience was moved by the music to write a poem and a very nice description of the event.

Many thanks to Suzanne Kelsey for the words and complements. It means a lot to FuMar:

"What a fantastic day I have had exhausted now,  but well worth the effort. 

 Leafleting this morning with some  Labour buddies,  so a healthy  walk,  to help serve the wider  community.

 Went to an outdoor music and art event with the gifted musicians of  FuMar at the excellent  Cakes  and Ale and bumped into  another  Labour friend and her mum whom  I discovered I knew.

 The event was to promote music and art and there was a very talented local artist painting as they played. I got inspired to write a quickie poem on the spot.

Back to Cakes  and Ale  for the evening concert performed by FuMar which was brilliant,  such beautiful music. Great  to meet up again with another two lovely Labour buddies. 

 Back home and downloaded  a QR reader  successfully so I listened again to   the mesmerising music that inspired me to  write the following  poem... "


Walking along the path that leads nowhere

Except  to the beauty of the precious moment

I allow myself a breathing space

To sense the magic singing in my veins. 

I tread gently my bare feet touching the soft warm earth

The gentle breeze tenderly kisses  my pale skin

Whilst a  meandering stream on its way to the lake

Glistens in  the early morning light.


As sunbeams  dance between me and the heavens 

I join in their reverie to be free

I smell the sweet fragrance of life

Lingering in the pause between each note.


I hear the  ancient voices echo around the hills

As Mother Nature composes  her exquisite symphony  of joy

Together in harmony we create music for the world

In rhythm with her reassuring heart beat.


Her universal melody can be heard if we listen

And stop  to appreciate the miracle  

All she asks is that we take great  care of her

With gratitude, respect  and most of all love….

 Suzanne Kelsey July 15th 2017


Thanks to Phil, saxophone

 and Krys keyboard, for the inspiration.